Queensbury Town Hall

A view of Queensbury Town Hall

Maybe money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can make things easier for town board members at budget time.

In Schenectady, I would cover budget meetings that went on for 3 hours. Typically they held seven sessions each October, meeting with every department head and agonizing over every budget line.

In South Glens Falls, the board once rewrote the entire budget in the last week after several multi-hour meetings.

In Queensbury, the Town Board discussed the 2020 budget Tuesday for about 15 minutes. Each board member asked one question.

Their biggest problem: Court revenue is down $180,000. That's a massive, hours-long-meeting hole for some municipalities. Queensbury calmly added some of their unbudgeted additional sales tax revenue, plugging the hole. Elapsed time: 2 minutes.

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