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To all those who, like me, set their calendar around the Moreau Town Board meetings: there is NO meeting Tuesday.

I might be the only one who the last meeting, there were two people in the audience, including myself.

But usually there’s a good collection of residents, business owners, and department heads. Maybe they were all on vacation last time.

I rarely check the Moreau calendar mid-month to make sure of meetings. But this weekend my wife, who is making zillions of cupcakes this week, told me her deepest wish was for my Moreau meeting to be canceled.

I laughed. It’s never canceled.

But I checked today...and there it was, crossed out.

This means I can work a regular eight-hour shift, rather than working from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. And it means my wife can bake in the evening instead of managing dinner and bedtime for our daughter. So, I’ll miss you, Moreau peeps, but I really enjoy my dinner at home.

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