Two voters at Moreau Elementary School cast their votes.

It looks like about 13 people, on average, researched candidates in the newspaper on Election Day today.

What do I base this on? Most of my election stories have gotten about 12 hits today. I assume different people are clicking on the Wilton, Moreau, Queensbury Ward 2 and Queensbury Ward 4 races.

Moreau did the best, with 32 readers (plus 10 on previous stories). The Queensbury stories each had 13 readers; Wilton had 11.

Originally, the Queensbury ones drew about 525 readers for Ward 4 and 704 readers for Ward 2, Moreau drew 610 and Wilton drew 503.

Given how long I spent at the Moreau polling places today waiting for voters, maybe I should be surprised that a whole whopping 32 people clicked on the stories. At one polling place, 100 people had voted by midday. Even for a local election, that is really low turnout.

I should be grateful anyone is doing any research. You wouldn't believe the number of people who told me today that they voted the straight party line because they didn't know anything about the people or the issues. About their town. Which they live in. Staggers the mind, doesn't it?

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