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You would think, with today’s technology, that people wouldn’t lie about easily proven facts.

But here we are again, with lies from a local leader who makes a living dealing in facts.

Attorney John Aspland, who has worked his way up to managing partner of the FitzGerald Morris Baker & Firth law firm, wrote a letter resigning from the Queensbury Republican Committee.

In that letter, he complained at length about The Post-Star never calling him regarding emails he sent. He complained that we had “misconstrued” his meaning.

“A simply phone call or question could have resolved their concern, but there was no phone call and no question,” he wrote in a letter dated Oct. 23.

Well, Mr. Aspland may be surprised to learn that our new phone system has a log of all calls made to and from it.

On Oct. 11, at 4:54 p.m., I called his office phone number. That’s the day that Democrats handed me a stack of emails they had FOILed from then-Councilman Doug Irish’s town email account. In the stack was a conversation that Aspland participated in, regarding candidate Hal Bain.

Bain wanted to drop out of the race. It was too late to replace his name on the ballot, so Irish proposed that they pretend he was running, campaign for him, and Bain could resign after winning. Aspland said this plan was “optimal.”

I can certainly understand him not calling me back that day – it was 4:54 p.m., after all. I remember even apologizing in my phone message to him.

But he wrote the resignation letter 12 days later. Surely he had time to call me back by then?

I also called him twice – cell and office – on Oct. 24, after two town board members said they would discuss dropping his law firm.

He didn’t call me back then either.

That’s his prerogative, but I take exception to him lying about my calls. He wrote that I did not “practice the fundamentals of responsible journalism” and “failed the readers who deserved the facts.”

Granted, he still hasn’t explained what exactly these facts are that we so sorely missed. I’d love to talk with him, still. I called him twice on Oct. 25.

Still no call back.

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