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The infamous lego set

The $65 set my child wants for Christmas.

I suppose it all started this summer, when a boy brought his huge complicated lego house set to dance class. While his sister danced, he put together most of the 225-piece set.

After class, my daughter befriended him, according to the childhood law: those with the best toys get the friends. Briefly, she got to play with the lego house.

Now here we are at presents season and what does she want? That lego set. It goes for $65. If you can find it. Apparently everyone else’s kids want it too.

But the reality of my budget is that I cannot spend $65 on one gift. Especially not for a 4-year-old who also wants about six thousand other things with the intensity of a small sun.

In desperation I searched Facebook marketplace, and found one seller, 200-plus miles away, at the far end of Long Island. She had an unopened, damaged box, plus another expensive set that KB wants, but she would not ship. She’d reduced the price to $10 because she had no takers, even at Christmas. Nobody was going to drive down the endless Long Island Expressway to save $50. Nobody, including us.

My wife posted online about the situation. Suddenly, friends of hers were organizing a rescue party.

A friend of hers has a friend near LI. That friend has a friend who works at the town library in the very town in which Lego Seller lives. A flurry of Facebook messages later, we had created our own delivery system to get the legos from there to here.

While we are paying for shipping, these friends-of-a-friend are getting no compensation for their efforts. They’re just good people who want to help bring Christmas cheer to a small child they have never met.

I know the world feels divided and dark. But my world got a little brighter today, thanks to my wife’s bubbling personality, her good friends, and the willingness of strangers to put some joy into the world.

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