Yesterday I drove through the snowstorm to faithfully bring keg-tossing photos to all of you.

And it was fine, really – I gave myself an hour for a 25 minute drive. I went down the unplowed Northway at about 45 mph, following the ruts of the car in front of me. All was going swimmingly until one driver decided that 45 was irrationally slow.

That driver headed into the untouched snow to my left in an attempt to pass. There was about five inches of snow on the ground, by my eye, and I was pretty sure the car was going to careen into me. But the driver was better than I feared and managed to pass me...and then lost heart and started doing 45 mph in front of me.

You know, whatever makes people happy.

A few minutes later, a tractor-trailer decided to take the same route. I’ve never seen an 18-wheeler fishtail before. It became clear to both of us that he was going to sideswipe me, but I skidded right and he skidded left and we both survived.

It was at this point that I questioned my intention of covering a keg toss, of all things.

I’d really hate to have my obituary say, “She lost her life in a valiant attempt to cover a lighthearted winter carnival event.”

Luckily, at that point I reached my exit, and all was well.

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