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A friend who has a timeshare gave us a week at The Quarters on Lake George for my wife’s birthday. We were excited, but...her birthday is in December. What is there to do in December on the lake?

We were in luck. Of our six days there, it snowed for three of them – giving our daughter endless fun. The best part: the hotel suite had a balcony with a full railing, so KB could play in the snow while we sat inside next to a fire and watched her.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

We had a great birthday party there for my wife – without me having to frantically clean the house in advance, hide the clutter and piles of junk mail...I should have every party in a hotel. It was great.

We had that fireplace going pretty much all day, every day. We watched every free “on demand” Christmas movie they had. (I love early bedtimes for small children. Love it so much.)

We also went to the Great Escape Lodge on a day pass for the indoor water park. Seriously, is there any better swimming place around here in winter? Unfortunately, our daughter was one-quarter-inch too short for most of the water slides, but I had a great time on all the slides. My wife loved the lazy river and I think she might still be floating there now if she could.

Pretty much the only problem we had was that the hotel is at the bottom of the world’s steepest driveway. When it snowed hard Tuesday, I could not get the car up the hill to go to work. I had to work from the hotel lobby...which promptly lost power.

But really? Forced to work next to a window overlooking the lake in a snowstorm? Sign me up for more.

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