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What could possibly be worse than making unilateral changes to a benefits package without getting approval OR keeping the previous versions of the package?

It couldn’t get worse for South Glens Falls than that, right?

This weekend, it did.

The mayor received several copies of the older booklets. That’s how he discovered that the village also used to not date them.

That’s right. He has two or three old-looking booklets, without dates.

One of them might be the one the Village Board approved in 2007. But how would they know?

So they are continuing to read the last ten years of minutes in hopes of finding any vote on updates to the benefits.

As for the benefit in question – whether employees get a payout for unused sick time – not all of the booklets have it, Mayor Harry Gutheil said.

So those booklets are really helping add to the confusion. Anybody got one that you can document is from 2007? At this point, I think you could sell it to the village for a pretty penny.

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