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When I was younger, I lived for a couple of years in a couple of different places overseas, and each time I returned I was so glad to be back in my home country. Things don't feel the same in another country, and you don't care much, at least I didn't, about politics and you don't appreciate the things that matter a lot to the natives. Things matter in your own country.

But I am so frustrated, so upset that we as a society refuse to do anything about the mass killings of our citizens, including our children, that it makes me want to move to another country. It's like being in an abusive relationship. After awhile, you have to realize all your thoughts that things will get better are delusions. Things won't get better. This is who we are -- people who find it acceptable to allow access to killing machines that make it so easy for anyone to kill lots of people quickly that it happens over and over and over and over.

Does this happen in any other advanced country? Yes, very occasionally. But in no other advanced country do mass killings happen regularly, constantly, over and over, and there is one simple, obvious explanation why -- we are the only advanced country that allows easy access to guns like the AR-15 that are designed for the mass slaughter of human beings. All those other countries have mentally ill people. All of them have disturbed, resentful, unbalanced teens and men. But none has the wide access to guns like the AR-15, except the U.S.

I very much doubt I'll leave the U.S. But I would have thought, given my experience with living outside the country and how happy I was to return, that nothing could have made me even consider it. But this makes me consider it. 

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