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So … Hitler’s desk.

Yes, it and Hitler’s chair, valet stand and cap should have been withdrawn from the gun show at the Saratoga City Center, as they were after some outside pressure.

It’s not that this stuff should be thrown on a bonfire, but if it’s going to be publicly displayed, it should be in a historical context. The Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. has Nazi items and information on Nazis, and it is in context. Just throwing items like Hitler’s cap out there for people to ogle at, as if it were Marilyn Monroe’s nightgown or something, is obscene.

It’s wrong to treat Hitler or any Nazi like a notorious celebrity from the past – a famous bad boy like Errol Flynn. These were mass murderers. Why anyone would want to buy items they owned or wore is beyond me. Where do you put Hitler’s cap -- on your sideboard next to the silver pitcher? So every time you walk by it you can reflect on owning a hat that sat on the head of one of the most despicable and hated human beings in history?

Historical context is critical. If your excuse for putting on display an artifact that some people find offensive is that “it’s history,” then you should include in the display what the history is. If you’re not going to do that, and as far as I know the gun show wasn’t, then you shouldn’t have those things on display at all.

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