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Projects editor

The editors of The Post-Star review comments posted to our website and reject those we find hateful or especially ugly or factually false or gratuitously mean. It's not a free speech issue. Those folks can go out on the public sidewalk and spout whatever they want, but this newspaper is under no obligation to give them a platform.

The same thing applies to Facebook, Youtube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify, all of which moved recently to remove either all or some of Alex Jones' content from their sites. This isn't a 1st Amendment/free speech issue, no matter how loudly Jones yells that it is. He can still scream all his vileness on his own publishing platforms, or on the sidewalk, or from the rat-infested cave where he dwells in a pool of slime. What this is, finally, is these companies showing a teeny-tiny bit of courage and morality by refusing to publish the rantings of a hate-monger. Good for them.

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Will Doolittle is projects editor at The Post-Star. He may be reached at and followed on his blog, I think not, and on Twitter at



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