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Girls soccer

First, if you haven't found our sectional brackets, please click here.

We're presenting them differently this year. You'll see what our multimedia folks call a "collection" element. It should pop up on our sports and PS Varsity websites just about every day. If you click on the chart you want, or hit the "Download PDF" button, it'll give you a nice, full version of the bracket.

For the rest of this blog entry I'm just going to give you a series of thoughts about seeding day, etc. It's the lazy man's way of writing a blog, but there's not much left in the tank after a very long day.

— The prize for the longest road trip of sectionals appears to go to Whitehall for its drive to Germantown on Thursday. It checks in at a robust 2 hours and 5 minutes on Googlemaps, which doesn't take into account that a school bus is only supposed to go 55 mph.

— Second-place may go to Salem for the drive to Fort Plain on Monday. If you know your girls soccer history, you may remember Fort Plain as the site of the Generals' semifinal upset victory in 2008. A few years ago, that game was No. 1 on my list of all-time most memorable games.

— I have a free day Tuesday and considered going over to Schuylerville's 6 p.m. game for the heck of it. But then I realized it conflicts with the 5 o'clock Yankee game. But then I thought, hey, it's the Yankees, so they'll still be playing by the time I get home.

— I suspect the Foothills points system hurt Queensbury in the Class A seeding. The Spartans had to be placed behind South High because of a points tie-breaker. South High had lost to Averill Park, a team Queensbury tied, and without the points system, that head-to-head result might have switched their order.

— The girls tournament will be playing its late-round games at Stillwater, Lansingburgh and Fonda. Schuylerville is not in the picture, though the boys tournament is using that site. The girls had a good thing going when they had Stillwater and Schuylerville so close together for all of their big games. I plan to ask about that in the coming days.

— In years past, every Capital District newspaper and perhaps a TV station would have someone at the seeding meeting. It used to be quite a crowd, all of us hoping to get the information to the public before the other guy. On Monday, fellow P-S sportswriter Will Springstead and I were the only ones there, and I'm not sure what that says.

— Bolton-Warrensburg and Cambridge ended up seventh and eight, respectively, in Class C. Those are tough seeds for teams with strong records, but it's a very, very crowded field at the top.

— Whitehall beat Heatly 2-1 in a non-league game Monday, a result that might have changed the Class D seeds had it been played earlier. Whitehall got seeded 10th and Heatly is eighth.

— Back into the 70s by the weekend. I keep waiting for payment to come due for the warm weather of September, but the bill goes unpaid.

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