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Girls soccer

Wednesday was the kind of day I get excited about — two soccer games, the challenge of filing a short story in between the two of them, lots of driving.

The fun was gone before the day was over, but we'll deal with that after the soccer.

I started in Lake George, where the Warriors were playing their final game of the season on Sun Valley Drive. It was not an easy one, as quarterfinals go, but LG finished with a pretty solid 3-0 victory.

Hoosic Valley was a tough foe, as most Wasaren League opponents are. The Indians kept Lake George at bay until midway through the first half, when Nicole Kingsley made good on a quality scoring opportunity. The home team seemed to be in good shape after that. The LG defense rarely let Valley get close to its net.

So it's back to the semifinals for Lake George, which will play at Lansingburgh in Saturday's 3 p.m. game.

The Warriors' opponent was determined under the lights at Stillwater, where another team with the Warriors moniker played host to seventh-seeded Bolton-Warrensburg. Second-ranked Stillwater broke the ice with a couple of goals around the 10-minute mark and went on to score a 5-0 victory.

Brooke Pickett scored three times, and her best run of the day didn't even result in a goal. She weaved through the defense at one point in the second half, changing direction about four times.

Stillwater looked very polished for 80 minutes. Lake George was on hand to scout the game, and I don't think there's any chance the Adirondack League champions will take Stillwater lightly on Saturday.

It's a tough way to end for Bolton-Warrensburg, a team that finishes with a very respectable 13-4-1 record. The Eagles didn't play badly on Wednesday, but it's tough for a team that's drawn mostly from a small Class D school to play in the Class C bracket. It's a different world.

I got there a little late and tried to shoot some video, but my heart just wasn't in it. I filed the summary report and headed back north, driving slower than usual, still thinking about the events of earlier that day.

Route 4: I stopped in the office after the Lake George game and was quite proud of myself for filing the story so quickly. I was way ahead of schedule, and it looked like I'd get to Stillwater with plenty of time to spare.

I decided not to take the Northway, as Googlemaps (and one texter) had recommended the day before. I went for the more leisurely drive down Route 4, and soon regretted it.

I was about two miles south of Fort Edward when I came around a bend. The lights of an oncoming car created a bit of a glare, and I thought I saw it swerve a little. By the time I saw the deer, it was too late.

I hit the brakes and yanked the wheel to the right. There was a thump near the front left tire. I came to a stop about 100 feet down the road and was surprised that my car seemed undamaged. Sadly, the same could not be said of the deer.

When I walked back there I found it lying in the southbound lane, mortally wounded and suffering. It was a terrible thing to see. I called 9-1-1, but just after hanging up, another car came around the bend and was unable to avoid the poor thing. This, at least, provided a merciful ending for the deer.

A police car came, a report was filed, I went on my way. I suppose this tags me as a sappy guy, but I drove all the way back home from Stillwater thinking about that deer, a harmless animal that just wanted to cross the road, and never made it.

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