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Girls soccer

We're talking about the Foothills Council and its points system this morning, so it's time to crunch some numbers. If you're just joining in, it's two points for an interdivisional win, one point for a win inside the division.

Scotia beat Schuylerville 5-0 in an interdivisional game on Tuesday. That's one of the games that could have had an impact on the Northern Division race. The next big game is Tuesday, when Scotia visits South High, and the outcome of that game will shape the stretch run.

If SGF wins that two-point game, the Bulldogs control their own destiny. There are scenarios where they could even lose a game and still win the North title.

If Scotia beats South High, then all three North contenders will have lost to Scotia and the division will mostly likely be decided by the remaining games among them — Queensbury at South High on Oct. 11 and Schuylerville at Queensbury on Oct. 13. SGF would already have three losses in this scenario and would probably need help from somewhere else.

There is a tie-breaker that will decide the title if two or more teams end up with the same number of points. Head-to-head is the first tie-breaker, then aggregate score.

Why you need a tie-breaker when there's no championship game, I don't know. There's no need to break the tie. Let 'em share the title. Remember the four-way tie in 2012? That was a magical moment. What a shame it would have been to have awarded the title based on a few extra goals scored in a game back in September.

A video highlight: Former Schuylerville player Jordyn Rousselle showed up in an NCAA Plays of the Week video recently. Click here to see her scoring a goal (she's the No. 7 highlight).

So far in seven games, Rousselle is Elmira's top scorer with 4 goals and 2 assists. 

Indirect kicks: In a game that didn't make the paper, Gloversville beat Glens Falls 14-2. ... Hey, standings attached two days in a row! I still haven't added points for the Foothills yet, but will do so after Scotia has played all three North contenders. ... I never learned to use a slide rule when I was younger (they were a common math instrument before the 1970s), and there were times when I felt like I was missing out. I'm OK with it now.

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