Flu is widespread across New York state (and the country), and guess who found that out firsthand?

Despite getting the vaccine, lucky me caught influenza A sometime last week.

The state Department of Health reported during the week ending March 2, there were 6,889 lab-confirmed influenza reports. While that's a 28 percent decrease from the week before, activity is still considered "widespread" and has been for 12 consecutive weeks.

I got that lovely nose swab test on Thursday after just starting to feel a little off last Tuesday. I got the test quick enough into the flu that I could be prescribed a version of Tamiflu, which shortens the illness by a day or two. But basically I was quarantined and miserable from Thursday through Tuesday. I watched a lot of Netflix including Apollo 13, a documentary on NASA's voyager, Stargate...I really got into outer space. 

But this is just a little PSA to say, if you have a fever and body aches, don't wait to see a doc. Flu is very contagious, and this season is lasting long. 

Every county except Hamilton has seen flu the week of March 2, and it's mostly affecting folks ages 0 to 49. You can see the latest statistics, as well as get some links to good info on fighting the flu, at health.ny.gov/diseases/communicable/influenza/surveillance

Stay healthy!

— Gwendolyn Craig

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