Owl presentation

Nancy Kimball, a wildlife rehabilitator, shows fifth graders her resident barred owl, Justin, Wednesday at Glens Falls Middle School. Kimball sprays Justin with a bit of water to keep him cool. 

Don Lehman wrote a blog about how we have many readers, despite some saying we don't. 

He also mentioned how an event had a noticeable attendance decrease when we missed the release to write about it. I hear similar things.

What drives me nuts, though, is the number of people who say to me, "I don't subscribe, but..."

One organization told me it stopped subscribing to our paper, but now that we are covering environmental issues on a regular basis, it may subscribe again. A consultant called me to ask what my "Green Beat" column was, and if she could get something into it. She had heard about it through the grape vine.

I've had readers ask me to send pdf copies of articles I've written, because they don't subscribe. I've had another organization tell me it wants to know what day its press release will be in the paper, because it doesn't subscribe.

I'm so glad people want to be a part of our paper. We couldn't put one out without your events, your news and I while I say "your," it's "our's" just as much. We live here.

As we support you, I hope you will support us, and subscribe to the newspaper online, print, or both. Thank you to those that do. I hear from you as well, and I appreciate your feedback, both encouraging and constructive.

I love covering the environment, and I'm glad to hear its piquing interest. We can't keep doing this job, however, without readers. 

Feel free to check out our subscription items here

— Gwendolyn Craig

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