In my coverage of the Burgoyne Avenue sinkhole in Hudson Falls, I've noticed residents on Pine Street have taken traffic matters into their own hands.

Each day I drive by, a new sign of some kind is up — some handmade, some are those popular ones that say, "Drive like your children live here." There are also those neon green, plastic children figures with the red baseball caps that alert drivers to children in the area.

But one house had me step on the breaks.

On the front lawn was what appeared to be a Halloween ghoul and a handmade princess, about 3-feet tall, chasing a ball placed precariously near the road. The princess was dressed in a bear onesie and tutu, while the Halloweenie was in a bright orange fleece wearing a police baseball cap.

I take it residents don't like the extra traffic driving through their side street to get around the sinkhole.

Just so folks know, Hudson Falls Village Police are monitoring the area. So, if common courtesy or creepy, fake children aren't enough to make drivers slow down, hopefully the police presence will. 

— Gwendolyn Craig

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