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Have you not had enough moose news yet?

Well here's more!

The state Department of Environmental Conservation released updated numbers of its latest aerial survey. It had seen 83 moose, or groups of moose, and now they've counted the individuals in the groups for a grand total of 175.

That's 175 moose seen over 42 hours.

The DEC still thinks there's about 400 moose in the Adirondack Park. Six moose in New York have GPS collars.

If you didn't get to read my story about how those collars get put on these large ungulates, check it out here. Seriously. People jump out of helicopters.

More good news? A parasite called winter tick was not documented in this survey.

Winter tick are ticks that just infest a moose, feeding off the animal's blood. They can cause the moose discomfort, and it will tear out its hair, leaving it susceptible to the cold. Moose in New York have had it in the past, but great to hear it didn't show up this survey.

If you spot a moose, DEC and its partners are tracking them. You can report your sighting here.

— Gwendolyn Craig

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