Houseboat proposal

John Porco presented a draft proposal for a houseboat rental business on Lake George at the Lake George Park Commission meeting Tuesday at the Hague Town Hall. 

A regular vacationer of Lake George is considering starting a houseboat rental operation on the lake.

John Porco came before the Lake George Park Commission during the public comment period on Tuesday to "take the temperature" of commissioners about his idea. 

I missed Porco at the end of the meeting, so I'm not sure where he's from, but he told commissioners he often stays at Flamingo Bay, and has wanted to rent a houseboat with his wife. On the meeting's sign-in sheet, he lists his affiliation as the Lake George Houseboat Company, but no such business is registered with the state.

Porco told the commission that he was looking at building a fleet of houseboats "so families and friends can explore the water, actually live on the water." He imagines renting them out for three to six days at a time.

The pontoon-style boats would be a maximum of 85 feet, which elicited some gasps from commissioners and people in the audience of the meeting. Porco hopes to have between three and six state rooms to hold between six and 16 people, bathrooms, a full kitchen, a wet bar and water slide, to name a few of the amenities. 

Porco had not yet worked out where the boats would anchor for the night, but he said he had been in contact with some marinas at the northern end of the lake. 

Commissioners had mixed reactions.

Commissioner Catherine LaBombard said the proposal caused her to hyperventilate. 

"I'm going to need an awful lot of convincing to put four, 85-foot-long houseboats on this lake," LaBombard said. "That's like four floating houses. I mean seriously."

Vice-Chair Kenneth Parker said private property owners are possessive of their coves and spots. He added that long-term boat rentals aren't new.

Chairman Bruce Young said he didn't think the commission should be advising on an unfinished proposal, and said it would be willing to hear any finalized proposals.

So we'll see if Porco comes back with an official application.

What do you think about a houseboat on Lake George?

— Gwendolyn Craig 

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