Two suspicious harmful algal blooms have been documented in Washington County this month, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation's notifications map.

Dead Lake in Jackson was reported to have one on Aug. 2, and images are attached to the report.

On Aug. 7 a report was sent in of a bloom on the Champlain Canal in Fort Edward. A photo is attached of that, too.

Harmful algal blooms are actually called cyanobacteria. There are many different species of cyanobacteria, and some produce toxins.

The state encourages the public to learn what cyanobacteria looks like, and to stay out of the water when it looks suspicious. People should also keep their pets out of the water.

Earlier this summer, two Vermont dogs died from cyanobacteria toxins.

If you think you've seen a bloom, report it to the DEC at HABsInfo@decy.ny.gov. Health symptoms should be reported to the Department of Health at harmfulalgae@health.ny.gov

To learn more and view the interactive map showing the latest suspicious and confirmed blooms, go to dec.ny.gov/chemical/83310.html

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