Fort Edward Industrial Complex

A D.A. Collins advertisement for the Fort Edward Industrial Complex, the former General Electric Co. dewatering site.

The Fort Edward Local Property Development Corp. is holding a public meeting at 6 p.m. Monday at the Rogers Island Visitors Center.

The meeting was advertised in the paper's "today's meetings" section. I do not have an agenda to share.

The LPDC is the owner of the former General Electric Co. dewatering site.

The LPDC was gifted over 80 acres by the former owners, a company called WCC, whose owners are affiliated with D.A. Collins Construction Co.

The LPDC is led by a Fort Edward town board member, Neal Orsini. 

The LPDC has not held a public meeting since April, when it passed a resolution to enter into an agreement with a new private company called Fort Edward Development, which is made up of the members of WCC.

That agreement hasn't been signed.

The Post-Star requested a copy of the agreement under the freedom of information law and open meetings law. Orsini, as the records access officer, denied the request by not responding and then denied an appeal.

A draft agreement was delivered to The Post-Star from an unknown source. At a town board meeting last month, Orsini was not sure if it was the latest draft, but in a follow-up email said it contained more information than he had.

The Post-Star continued to request the agreement from Orsini directly, as the state Committee on Open Government said the LPDC is violating open meetings law by not providing the document.

Orsini has still not responded to the second appeal.

Orsini and Fort Edward Supervisor Terry Middleton have said they are showing the property to interested businesses. 

— Gwendolyn Craig

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