A few scattered thoughts as I take a break from my main task around here — trying to figure out how to cover all these sectional playoff games.

  • Nobody roots for sunshine harder than I do during the spring playoff season. Every day of rain means moving photo assignments, reworking the game coverage, updating the playoff schedule, changing all the sectional brackets and finding stuff to fill the space in the paper that was going to be taken up by that day’s coverage.
  • I am the man least likely to appear on Dancing with the Stars. Also, whatever show it is where naked people try to survive in the wild.
  • Don’t bet on Justify in the Belmont. Amateur bettors will drive the price down and you’ll get little return even if he wins. Go with Bravazo.
  • I wish I could have seen a game at Ebbets Field.
  • The Yankees have been fun to watch, but I’m sticking with the Red Sox as my pick to win the AL East. You heard it here first and second.
  • Whenever I go to YouTube on my cell phone it automatically brings up the “Give it to me I’m worth it“ song by Fifth Harmony. What algorithm would match me with that?
  • Overtime playoff hockey is awesome, but I would prefer those games happen on my days off, so I don’t have to sit here wondering how I’ll get the story in the paper.
  • I keep running across Glens Falls connections in stories I read on the AP wire. Former Glens Falls Tiger Torey Lovullo was quoted in the Mets story on Monday. And of course former Adirondack Red Wing Gerard Gallant is making himself famous as head coach of the Vegas Golden Knights.
  • Sorry about the Thunder losing, but we’re happy to have sportswriter Will Springstead back in time for sectional playoffs. It would have been a tough slog for us with him sitting in a press box in Fort Wayne or Colorado.
  • I’m guessing the TV ratings for the World Cup will be pretty good, despite the fact that the US didn’t qualify. This will lead somebody, somewhere to write that soccer is booming in America. What they’ll miss is that Americans like this event more for the spectacle of the world coming together than they do for the sport itself.
  • Somebody, somewhere will characterize the above comment as an “attack” on soccer.
  • As for my World Cup pick, I’m going with Iceland. What other country in the field has awesome volcanoes and glaciers?
  • If you’re not connected to a team and looking for a random high school playoff event to watch on Wednesday, the Class D baseball teams play at East Field at 4 and 7 p.m.
  • From time to time I hear some baseball people suggesting we should “ban” the shift, whereby teams are stacking fielders on one side of the diamond. How would you do that? You’re going to tell teams where to play their fielders? If you want to get rid of the shift, hit the ball the other way.
  • Whenever I hear Howie Kendrick of the Washington Nationals mentioned, I think of Lt. Kendrick in the movie A few Good Men.
  • It’s Tuesday now and games are getting rained out. Wonderful.

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