A few rambling thoughts, opinions and observations, some of which are relevant to today's sports world, some of which are just kind of random.

— The Eagles fan who sits next to me should have a big smile on his face when he gets back to work on Tuesday.

— The Olympics start Thursday. Most of you will stick to big-ticket events like figure skating, skiing and hockey. I will spend hour after hour watching curling. I cannot explain why.

— The Adirondack League will hold basketball championship games later this week, which is the way it ought to be. Please bring them back in the Foothills Council.

— I don't think I can watch one more dizzy bat race at a minor-league baseball game.

— The best part of the Super Bowl: They got the halftime show on and off the field quickly. Any Super Bowl that ends by 10:15 p.m. is a winner for an editor working on deadline.

— A couple of people who read last week's blog said they don't understand why I can't cheer on the Thunder. That perplexes me. Would you want a news writer at a political rally cheering on a candidate he/she is writing about? Of course not. Why would it be any different for me?

I can appreciate a great play — by either team. I can be in awe of an accomplishment — by any player. But if I throw my loyalty to one side or the other, I can't very well be a reporter.

— If you haven't got time to stop and watch a beautiful sunset, you haven't got time for much of anything.

— When I was young, I couldn't wait to lace up my skates and head out onto the ice. Now that I'm old, it's a relief to take off the skates and put my sneakers back on.

— I seem to be the only one who thinks this, but why does every arena show the hockey game on the video board as it's being played? Aren't we watching the game on the ice? I'd rather they used that space for penalty times in numbers large enough that I can easily see.

— I wish they wouldn't play music while NBA games are in progress, as they do in some buildings. The action of the sport, in any sport, should stand on its own.

— If you're a Patriots fan having a tough time this week, don't ask a Giants fans to feel sorry for you.

— The Boston Red Sox will win the AL East this season. You read it here first.

— If you're wondering what I'm listening to as I write this, it's James Blunt's Back to Bedlam album. Maybe you can sense the mood coming through.

— You can always trust an oboe player.

— If I could be an NHL beat writer and pick any team to cover, it would be the Washington Capitals. Back when I covered the AHL and Barry Trotz coached Portland, he always had something to say.

— Washington is a great city to live in, as long as you've got at least three roommates to help with the rent.

— When you write a blog like this, it's always the throwaway lines that get you in trouble. I hope nobody out there got robbed by an oboe player.

— The one question in life I'd like to have answered: Was Bucky Weaver in on the Black Sox scandal?

— If you're lacking a good blog idea, the old rambling notes routine will bail you out every time.

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