We may find out weeks or months from now that Bryan Redden is not the man who killed Crystal Riley and her daughter on Friday.

But I am told the case against him is very strong, with admissions he made to police and to at least two friends before police caught up to him.

The reaction I saw from him on Friday night when he was arraigned was unlike any I have seen from a suspect in a homicide case, guilty or not.

He basically strutted into and out of court, with what seemed to be a cocky smirk on his face as he was led in by police, looking like he was being inconvenienced. Whether you are rightfully or wrongfully accused, it would seem the realization that you are charged with killing a mother and child would be enough to dampen your mood a bit.

From what I hear of the details of how the killings happened and the wounds that were inflicted, the murder of the 4-year-old is about as heinous a crime as we have had around here in memory. And multiple police officers described Redden as "cocky" throughout their dealings with him Friday, despite his knowledge as to what he was sought for.

Redden has basically been a drifter who spent the last year or so bouncing from apartment to apartment and job to job, staying with others and even squatting in a vacant apartment for a while. His comments on social media seem to show he was feeling like he had nothing to lose in recent months.

Sadly, our community has lost a lot, whether or not Redden is the man to blame for it.

-- Don Lehman

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