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I talked to an apple grower last night who was lamenting the impact this heat is having on his trees. Apples are literally baking on the trees in sunny areas, and if they aren't baking, they are falling off before they can ripen fully as days of unusually relentless fall heat taking a toll.

Those of us who have vegetable gardens are enjoying the continued growing season. My tomato, pepper and cucumber plants continue to produce, no frost in sight.

My front yard maple trees have already lost their leaves, so our house feels the full beating sun during this mini heat wave, without their shade.

We are days from the first big game seasons, and deer aren't moving at all. We took a trip to western NY over the weekend, and didn't see a single deer in an area that is teeming with them.

I had hoped for a decent fall trout season, but two-plus weeks without rain has brought many streams down to low, clear levels that aren't good for fishing.

It's hard to complain when we see what happened to the people of Texas, Florida and the Caribbean with this season's hurricanes, though. We are lucky to live in an area where we are pretty well insulated from life-threatening weather.

-- Don Lehman

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