It's amazing what a group of motivated contractors can do. Look how quickly Stewart's builds its new stores when it gets to work. Homes disappear, and bigger stores appear in a matter of weeks.

The work going on on Route 9 in Queensbury at the site of the former Ray Supply store has moved along at a brisk pace as well, with the foundation work already beginning for a new Harbor Freight store, after extensive site prep work and just weeks after the old building was torn down,

Contrast that with government projects, which often tend to drag on and on. I drive by the Queensbury schools complex multiple times a day, and wonder how the high school parking lot can still look like it was hit by a B-52. The building and campus have long had parking issues at busy times, and why the lot isn't done months after the work began has led many to wonder.

We did get an email from an upset taxpayer who saw a truckload of dozens of dozens of mums (she estimated as many as 100) on a school vehicle headed to the Queensbury campus Monday, though.

"I have no problem paying for education - but the fluff has got to stop. Explain to me that planting mums that only will last a few weeks will help kids learn," asked Deborah Brochu.

Hey, did you ever think that maybe those mums are going to be planted in those giant piles of dirt or excavation pits in the high school parking lot, so maybe it doesn't look like a war zone?

-- Don Lehman

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