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The blog post by Fort Ann Mayor Denis Langlois, calling those who vote for Democrats "retarded."

The story that resulted in The Post-Star featured on Newsweek this week started with a tip from one of our readers.

A person who saw an inflammatory Facebook post by the mayor of Fort Ann, denigrating people who would dare to vote for a Democrat and calling them "retarded," sent me a quick note and screenshot of the Facebook post.

I asked our Fort Ann reporter, Gwen Craig, whether she knew of this guy, as apparently he had been appointed mayor in recent months when the elected mayor stepped down.

Gwen looked into it, and wrote a blog post on Election Day that garnered national media attention. I know the person who tipped us off initially was gratified that we looked into it, as they had concerns about this guy's competence to serve as mayor before this episode.

(The overlooked portion of that story was there were at least three like-minded people who "liked" the post before the mayor removed it.)

We get lots of news tips here every day, and many of them unfortunately don't result in stories, for a variety of reasons. We have policies here as to what we write about, particularly regarding police matters, and just don't have the resources to chase down everything. But we do our best.

We have an anonymous news tip link that can be found here, if anyone was wondering how to get a tip to us.

-- Don Lehman

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Don Lehman covers crime and Warren County government for The Post-Star. His work can be found on Twitter @PS_CrimeCourts and on

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