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Firefighter reponse

A screenshot of a video of firetrucks escorting the Queensbury High baseball team back into town late Saturday.

We had a lot of inquiries late Saturday and Sunday from readers who were wondering what all of the emergency vehicle traffic was all about late Saturday in Queensbury.

From one Facebook message:

At about 11:05pm on 6-9-18 I heard sirens from what sounded like a fire truck. They kept getting louder. This went on for about 4 to 5 minutes straight. This happened near the Queensbury school. It was so loud that I went outside because I thought they were coming to the apartment complex I live in. When I got outside a bunch of my neighbors had come outside to see what was happening as well. Then all of a sudden it all stopped. It was a little crazy. Is there any way to find out what that was all about? 

From another reader:

Rip the Queensbury fire company for that ridiculous escort for the Queensbury baseball team at 11:15 on Saturday night, during Americade. Several trucks with full sirens blaring from Exit 18 to 19 of the Northway. Sounded like a major crash or fire response. Which member of the fire department with that kind of pull has a kid on the team? They get my tax money for this BS?

I had seen the videos posted online of the firetrucks escorting the Queensbury High baseball team back into town after their state championship win over the weekend, so based on the timing of after 11 p.m., it was clear this was what awakened and concerned many.

In the video I saw, I counted 14 fire trucks and chief vehicles, not including the firefighter personal vehicles with their lights on. There were sirens, air horns and people around Queensbury and Glens Falls were wondering if something major was going on.

It's done around the region for sports championship, as the Fort Ann softball team got a similar welcome after their championship Saturday.

A few years ago we did an article about use of emergency vehicles for situations like this, including for a firefighter wedding proposal. Most of the reaction was from people who didn't seem to take issue with it.

There are still some, though, who see it as a waste of taxpayer money, and question why only certain sports championships get this sort of welcome, or kids who have outstanding academic achievements don't get this sort of fanfare.

Addendum -- As I knew would happen, people who didn't, or can't, actually read this blog post are taking it as me criticizing the fire departments. We were informing the many readers who reached out to us with questions, and I took no position on the issue. One of the rocket scientists on one of the "Fire Wire" Facebook pages is suggesting banning Post-Star reporters from fire scenes, which I would enjoy seeing them try to execute.

— Don Lehman

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