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I received a couple of letters this week from notorious escapee and double murder suspect Joel O'Keefe as he sits in Great Meadow Correctional Facility awaiting a parole violation hearing next week.

In one of them, he explains why he believes he was jailed for violating parole, an arrest that we wrote about last month and earlier this month.

He believes he was "falsely arrested" as he rode around the region on a bicycle talking to someone, soliciting some for a "hot hookup." He said he didn't do anything illegal and didn't violate his parole.

(The letters are attached to this blog post as .pdf files. Since he wrote upside down on the back page, it has to be turned over to be read.)

O'Keefe clearly did some very bad things in his lifetime, but the letter in which he explains "Who I truly am" is well-written and makes for some interesting reading. His grammar and spelling are better than many of the college-educated people from whom we hear, truthfully.

-- Don Lehman

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