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Elise sticker

An ad on Tuesday's paper that has confused some readers.

The front page of today's print edition has a blue sticker on the front page that asks readers to "Vote Elise for Congress." It plainly says at the bottom of the sticker that it was "Paid for by Elise for Congress," but apparently it has confused some of our readers, based on the inquiries we have gotten this morning.

One woman wondered how the paper's editorial board could endorse Stefanik's opponent, but then we have a sticker on the front page for Stefanik. She said she was cancelling her subscription.

The stickers are called "sticky note" ads in the newspaper business, and we run them several times a year for businesses. They are paid for by businesses. Without paid ads, the paper doesn't exist.

It was actually a nice coup for the Stefanik campaign to grab that space, based on the conversations we have heard about it already. While print circulation has dropped over the years, there will still be 14,000 or so of those papers in homes and on newstands today in our region.

I'd much rather see an unobtrusive sticker on a page than the incessant drone of the same political television ads over and over and over again, frankly. Make your decision based on research, not on which candidate has the slickest ads or runs them most often.

-- Don Lehman

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Don Lehman covers crime and Warren County government for The Post-Star. His work can be found on Twitter @PS_CrimeCourts and on

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