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Editor's note: This item was corrected based on actual ballot position.

The results of the race for Queensbury supervisor at large were interesting and, to some, perplexing.

Voters could select four of the five candidates, and David Strainer and Matt Sokol were next to each other going down one column, while the other Republicans did not have candidates above them as it went across.

In the days after the election, we had a number of readers reach out to us about the ballot, saying it was confusing the way the supervisor at-large candidates were laid out, and some didn't know how many they could vote for.

Some apparently thought they had to choose between Strainer and Sokol, which might explain why they finished fourth and fifth.

Sokol said he heard it as well, and talked to the Board of Elections about it. He said was told the Republican position was chosen through random drawing, while Strainer chose next to which Republican he wanted to be aligned on the ballot.

I look at these ballots for a living, and even I have a hard time breaking them down when there are numerous candidates on numerous lines. I botched a writeup on a Thurman election issue last month because I misread the ballot for that town, even though I looked at it a half-dozen times.

Now Republican winners Michael Wild and Brad Magowan ran strong campaigns, and were worthy candidates on the Republican line, and incumbent Doug Beaty has a strong following.

But Sokol, the Board of Supervisors vice chairman, finishing fourth and Strainer fifth was surprising to me. Both are well-known and very active in town, and seemed to have run strong campaigns.

-- Don Lehman


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