Steven Wingard


The June 21 death of a commercial diver at a hydro plant in Greenwich is drawing international attention from the commercial diving community, with some saying they still have a lot of questions about the fatality.

Steven Wingard was just 25 when he died in a 114-deep pool at the bottom of the Gravity Renewables hydro plant on the Batten Kill.

State Police spent weeks working with experts to try to figure out how the Connecticut resident came to suffer traumatic injuries to his torso, and concluded that a "pressure differential" in a drain pipe Wingard cleared caused his injury.

Since then, I have gotten a host of calls and emails from divers around the country looking for more information and contact information for investigators as they try to get all of the details as to what happened, and what the conditions were.

An instructor at a Florida dive school who called the other day was among them. He said it's important that instructors know what happened so they can train their students to avoid the problem that killed Wingard.

He said a lot of what he has read and heard about Wingard's death doesn't make sense. Had a "pressure differential" pulled Wingard against the drain pipe and injured him, he would have been pinned and it would have taken another diver going into the water to pull him free to remove him. 

(State Police said they later discussed the matter with the instructor, and explained how they believe it happened.)

-- Don Lehman

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