Cuomo touts storm preparations

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a laugh with Eric Behrens, assistant resident engineer for Washington County, and Chris Ward, acting regional director of operations for the state Department of Transportation during a visit to DOT's Kingsbury facility on Wednesday. Cuomo was in town for a news conference saying that the state is ready for a winter storm, which will primarily affect areas north and east of Glens Falls. 

As part of my job, I pay close attention to the weather forecast. So when I saw the notification Wednesday morning that Gov. Cuomo was coming to Washington County to talk about preparations for an impending winter storm, I had to check to make sure I wasn't missing something.

Nope, I wasn't. It showed a 30 percent change of snow flurries around here the next couple of days, with no chance of accumulation through the weekend.

Old Forge, Watertown, and the Syracuse area is where they are going to actually get a foot or two of lake effect snow, which in the grand scheme of winter in the Adirondacks, is not really that noteworthy.

I thought it was a weird, kind-of misleading location for a press conference about what is really a pretty ho-hum weather event in upstate New York, even if it was going to hit our region.

A conversation with a co-worker underscored it this morning though, as she told of how her elderly mother saw a news report about the governor's press conference was worried about this storm that was coming and wondered when it was arriving.

Relax, it's just going to be moderately cold around here. You may have to use your windshield to wipe away a few snow flurries.

Unfortunately, as we have seen over and over, many people hear sound byes or just bits-and-pieces of news, and react. So the governor's choice of Kingsbury, covered by local and Albany-area media, seems to have confused and/or unfortunately alarmed people around here.

(We were told Cuomo chose Kingsbury because he could get to the DOT location on Burgoyne Avenue in minutes after a quick flight to nearby Warren County Airport. His caravan of black SUVs with tinted windows going to and from the airport turned heads, and led to social media chatter from people wondering what was going on.)

And those 15 or so state plow trucks assembled at the Washington County DOT office for the governor's dog-and-pony show?

They were taken from around Washington, Warren and Saratoga counties, on a day where there actually was snow and ice on area roads that needed to be dealt with.

-- Don Lehman

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