Escape at Dannemora, the Showtime television show based on the 2015 prison escape of two killers from Clinton Correctional Facility, will debut on Showtime on Nov. 18. And if the trailer is any indication, it looks to be quite good, with Hollywood greats like Benicio Del Toro and Patricia Arquette starring and Ben Stiller directing.

(How they made Arquette look like prison seamstress Joyce Mitchell is beyond me, that must have taken a lot of makeup.)

A good chunk of the eight-episode show was shot in northern Warren County last September, including at Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, woods and fields off Route 8 in Chester and some filming in Chestertown itself, so our region has an interesting connection to it. The cast and crew were really nice during their time in our region, from all accounts. (Though they did kick me off the property pretty quickly last September.)

Stiller announced tentative plans earlier this summer to premiere the first episode in Plattsburgh.

If you don't subscribe to Showtime, the network offers a free first month, so you can probably watch the whole series for just the $11 streaming tab for the second month.

-- Don Lehman

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