I've had a few inquiries from people the last few days as to how Gregg Burdo is faring during this bitter cold spell. (If you missed the prior articles, Burdo is the veteran who has been living in the woods of Queensbury with his cats for decades.)

We connected the Friday before Christmas, as we had an earlier cold spell. He had slipped on an icy sidewalk and hurt his ribs, but seemed okay. I bought him a cup of coffee (he refused a meal) and he told me he was in good shape and ready for winter.

I have been up to his camp a couple of times this week in light of this brutal cold, and found fresh footprints in the snow into his area, a bag of returnable bottles and cans atop the snow and fresh cat food out for his "babies."

I also checked his local fast food haunts, where he warms up and cleans up, but haven't caught up with him. I bumped into a person who works near the woods where his camp is located, and she said she saw him earlier this week, after the Christmas snowstorm, and he seemed to be moving fine.

I'm headed back out to try to find him Friday afternoon. He is a resourceful guy and as hardy as a human can get, but this is one of the toughest winter stretches we've had in more than a decade. 

-- Don Lehman

UPDATE -- I found him Friday at one of his convenience store haunts, and he is doing "great, but not getting much sleep," he said.

He said he knows this will be the toughest part of winter, and he and the cats should make it through fine thanks to the way he has his shelter put together. I will write a little bit more about how he makes it through winter next week.