If it stays this cold the pipes will freeze by the time the Code Blue shelter is ready to open, delaying the project once again.

The Code Blue shelter, which is usually open for the four coldest winter months, might be open for two months — might.

Late January is the new, third, date that has been set for the shelter on Warren Street to open.

The Code Blue shelter usually opens mid-November. 

The problem lies within the pipes.

A 3/4-inch water line has to be replaced by a 6-inch pipe in order to supply the sprinklers, according to Kim Cook, director of Open Door Ministries which runs the Code Blue shelter.

The pipes need to be bigger in order for enough gallons of water to be accessed per minute in case of a fire.

The water line will have to cross multiple utilities in Warren Street, and the team working on it is trying not to disturb existing infrastructure on the street.

Cook has said since November that the project has had unforeseen problems; water and sewer improvements being the consistent hiccups.

But temperatures this week, and likely weeks to come, will be in the single-digits, which makes the project’s delay that much more disappointing, especially because guests technically aren't allowed to sleep at the temporary warming shelter on Lawrence Street.

Cook has expressed frustration with the timeliness of project and is having a difficult time committing to an exact open date at this point.

Fingers crossed for the end of January. 

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