The Ridin’ Hy Ranch in Horicon is back open.

It was a “long and stressful month,” according to the Ridin’ Hy Ranch Facebook page. They announced their news about re-opening the lodge Tuesday around 3 p.m.

The lodge, located on the shore of Sherman Lake on North Sherman Lake Road, was destroyed in a fire in October.

The fire was caused by a guest who improperly disposed a cigar in a paper cup. He was not believed to have intentionally started the fire. 

The night of the fire was chaotic but quiet.

About a dozen fire departments were called to the scene and the flashing emergency lights cut through the darkness and smoke that bellowed from the building.

About 200 guests escaped from the burning lodge and many more watched it get destroyed by the blaze. I talked to a few people who were crying, and not because they had been inside the lodge, but because they had been vacationing at the ranch for years and it was hard to see some of their best memories burn to the ground.

Luckily for everyone who enjoys the ranch, it's back. And according to Ridin’ Hy Ranch Facebook page, the new lodge smells of coffee cake. 

— Callie Ginter

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