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Lake George moose

Ronald Edwards was camping on the east side of Lake George when he spotted this moose just after Memorial Day earlier this year. 

After writing about the state Department of Environmental Conservation's estimate that there are 400 moose in the Adirondacks, one reader showed me just how close some of those resident moose are.

Ronald Edwards sent me an email with some photos of a moose he caught on camera on the eastern side of Lake George near the Gull Bay boat launch. He said it was the day after Memorial Day "when I spotted one of the 400 moose" mentioned in the article.

Edwards said he and his wife drove to Acadia National Park in Maine, partly because he had hoped to see moose. No luck. 

"How thrilling to see a moose right here in the Adirondacks," he wrote.

He's not the only one who's traveled to see moose. Many people at the Lake George Land Conservancy's Living Lands Series talk about moose told DEC Big Game Biologist Jim Stickles that they'd like to have driving moose tours. Stickles said he'd bring the idea back to the office.

I grew up in rural Connecticut, and I've seen a few moose. My elementary school canceled outdoor recess one day because a moose was hanging out in the soccer field. I've also driven behind one.

They're big, beautiful animals, and I think it would be a great idea to support an ecotourism opportunity, like responsible driving tours. Perhaps the funds could be used to further study the moose, too. 

— Gwendolyn Craig

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