Rick's Bike Shop

A Warren County sheriff's officer stands Friday afternoon in the parking lot of Rick's Bike Shop on Ridge Road as evidence technicians work the scene in Queensbury. A body was found across the street on Meadow Lane.

Any time I cover breaking news, I think of this classic quote from Mr. Rogers.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'”

Friday was one of those scary news days.

Christopher Goss, 36, of Queensbury, was found dead in the front lawn of 72 Meadow Lane in Queensbury. He'd been stabbed in the torso. The Warren County Sheriff's Office said later that night that it had arrested two Glens Falls suspects, one on a murder charge, one on charges of hindering and tampering.

We still don't know much about how it happened or why. No matter what, it's a jarring thing to have happen to the families and friends of those involved. It's a jarring thing to have happen in a quiet, residential neighborhood, at the school bus stop. 

While my job is to get the news out there, it's also to show the helpers.

In some cases, that was the Warren County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police. We saw them doing everything from securing the crime scenes, to scraping blood off the pavement of a parking lot. 

With about 40 people on the case, we learned that the death investigation was a potential homicide, then the identity of Goss and by day's end, that two arrests had been made.

Warren County Sheriff Bud York had said things were moving quickly because of the manpower. 

By the second half of the day, the helpers were the neighbors.

When I interviewed Hyacinth Charles-White, who first found Goss, the nurse for 45 years was devastated that she could not help him. She felt he had been coming to her house for help, but he didn't make it to the door.

But she will always be a helper.

The many neighbors that flocked to her porch after her front yard was cleared are helpers. 

When something bad happens, it's important to remember there's more good in the world. It sometimes comes out in full force after something like this. We just have to recognize it. Thank you, helpers.

Gwendolyn Craig

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