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Tanya Boone announced her candidacy in the 21st Congressional District on Thursday.

The former union organizer, small business owner and national business manager from Granville is the seventh Democrat to enter the race to challenge Rep. Elise Stefanik in her bid for re-election.

In her statement, Boone said she’ll advocate for working families:

“People who work very hard have gotten a raw deal — in Northern New York and rural areas throughout the country. The rules of the economy have slowly changed over time to favor the very wealthy over our working families, and our leaders in Washington are making it worse. Simply put, I’m fed up.”

Boone, 43, started her career as a union organizer with Service Employees International after receiving a degree from Labor School at Cornell University.

In 2007, she bought a small business in Granville, Hilltop Slate, with her brother, Dan, from a foreign investor. They immediately raised wages, putting employees first and focusing on using local suppliers, she said.

She later returned to school to receive a master’s of business administration degree from Cornell University.

Boone’s parents, three brothers and extended family live in the Granville area.

She lives in Granville with her husband, Bob, and their 8-year-old son.

Other candidates seeking the Democratic nomination include Don Boyajian of Cambridge, Katie Wilson of Keene, Patrick Nelson of Stillwater, Emily Martz of Saranac Lake, Ron Kim of Queensbury and Tedra Cobb of Canton.

Russell Finley of Lisbon will challenge Stefanik for the Republican line and Steve Krieg of Plattsburgh will seek an independent line. Christopher Schmidt of Hudson Falls is running on the Libertarian Party line.

For more information about Boone’s campaign, check online at; or on Facebook at 278981152609431; or follow her on Twitter BooneForNY21


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