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I'm always amazed at Lake George as a fishery.

You want deepwater trout or salmon action? Hop on a boat, drop the downriggers and you're all but guaranteed a half-dozen lake trout. The salmon are much harder to find, but they're there, too.

Anyone with a cane pole, line, hook and worms can catch as many bass or panfish as they want. The lake is just that packed with fish.

I was reminded of it this week during a week of vacation that was a "staycation" because of my son's ongoing baseball season. We visited the Shelving Rock Day Use Area a couple of times and took the fishing poles with us. The kids caught two dozen panfish, bass and perch in little more than an hour, my son landing a nice bass of nearly a foot.

(We also saw a hawk, a big water snake that gave everyone a pretty good scare and an F-16 or F-14 fighter jet zipping high over the lake.)

On the downside, the heat wave has resulted in slobs making a mess of Shelving Rock already. Several of the more popular sites are already loaded with garbage, and we haven't gone through Log Bay Day yet. It's sad that people can't pack out what they pack in.

On another note, the weekend's rain was sorely needed for our area trout streams. They were very low and warm, I'll have to check with the DEC this week to see if there were any fish kills on area trout streams. The Mettawee was high and brown yesterday, a welcome sight in mid-July.

-- Don Lehman

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