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It's been a sad few days for those of us who live in Queensbury and want to preserve what little open space is left.

We returned home from a vacation to Maine last week to find that the work to clearcut the site on West Mountain Road where developer Rich Schermerhorn wants to put his latest "senior living facility" has begun. We all knew it was coming sooner rather than later, but it's shocking to see these woods destroyed.

This stretch of woodlands includes a stream that feeds Rush Pond, an underrated bass and pickerel fishery. The impact here can not be good; development often leads to more silt and pollution to nearby waters.

Then we read that the city of Glens Falls has a plan to develop the woods between Potter and Peggy Ann roads.

Maybe the city should have saved tens of millions of dollars by contracting with the town of Queensbury to buy water a decade ago instead of building a multimillion dollar filtration plant to keep using the dams that they now have to spend $13 million to repair.

The city should be opening these woods up for recreation instead of turning them into more houses. Who would buy these homes? There is already a glut of "for sale" signs in the region. And our taxes never go down, despite the increase in assessed value to the tax rolls.

The end result is that those of us who hunt and fish will see less habitat for our quarry.

-- Don Lehman

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