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Herd of Deer

T.J. Hooker - A herd of deer congregates in a field along Route 40 in Argyle on Friday, March 04, 2011. This winter is shaping up like the winter of 2010-11, which was a rough one for wildlife in the region.

I was talking to a local DEC employee today about a number of fishing and hunting issues, and the topic turned to the early winter.

The conversation went to the early arrival of winter, and the amount of snow in the woods already.

It's not bad yet down here in the Glens Falls area, but head north of Exit 23 or west of Greenfield in Saratoga County and there is more than a foot of snow has piled up, and in higher elevations two feet has accumulated. There is snowcover pretty much everywhere in the region at this point, so whitetails aren't able to find food as easily where they can still move easily.

That is not good for deer that are probably already heading to their winter yards with snow depths of that level, and with a crust on top coyotes are probably able to feast on the young in some areas.

So yes, this snow is good for skiers, but it's probably going to be harmful to the deer herd unless we see a pattern change soon.

-- Don Lehman

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