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You typically don't have to drive too far to find great snow in the Adirondacks during the colder months, even when our backyards are bare here around Glens Falls.

There have been few recent winters where the snow piles up in the woods around here as it has the last few weeks, and the snow coming Tuesday and Wednesday is just going to improve conditions even more.

The rain/ice storm last week after Jan. 20's two-feet deluge made for some icy sidewalks, but the snow in the woods survived pretty well. I got some time to snowshoe the state's (corrected, as it was formerly Lake George Land Conservancy's) Berry Pond Preserve on Saturday, and the snow was perfect, the icy crust on top providing just enough resistance to keep my trusty Havelick 30-inchers from sinking too deep.

If you haven't spent a lot of time at Berry Pond Preserve, it abuts the town of Lake George's trail system, making for miles of trails where I seldom see many other people. There are some nice views of Lake George, and Berry Pond is picturesque as well.

We saw four other people, all cross country skiing, on the trails Saturday. The nearby snowmobile trail parking lot was jammed with vehicles and trailers, and sledding hill busy with kids as well.

It was just a perfect winter day.

My snowshoeing outing Sunday ended far less majestically, as after about a quarter mile, I fell into a brook while trying to cross on a log. Within 15 seconds my feet were painful, and thankfully I was near the trailhead to return and change socks and pants. I wouldn't have tried to cross as I did if I was too far back, got a little cocky and didn't account for my poles sinking in muck as I used them to help with my balance.

It was a good lesson though, as balance on snowshoes isn't what it is in boots, and I was reminded that if one shoe catches the other, a flying we will go.

-- Don Lehman

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