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another big pike

This angler, who was not identified, caught a 27-pound northern pike on Glen Lake in Vermont in recent days.

It's getting to be that time of year where ice can be questionable on many lakes, ponds and rivers.

There were two incidents on Lake George where ice gave way over the weekend, but thankfully there were no serious injuries.

One occurred during the Lake George Winter Carnival, where ice gave way under some people on the lake. They got out without any major injuries.

I also saw a picture of a pickup truck that broke through around Assembly Point, and it suffered some major damage but got off the ice without winding up in the water.

With rain and temperatures pushing 70 coming later this week, it is going to be a messy period for ice fishermen and women. If we get another hard freeze after the warm spell, the smaller waters and bays on bigger lakes should be okay. If not, the ice fishing season may come to an end sooner than many hope.

On another note, we continue to see some monster pike coming through the ice this winter. I wrote about a 26-pounder caught on Great Sacandaga Lake last month, and this past weekend a 27-pounder was caught on a small lake just east of Whitehall, in Vermont.

The monster was caught on Glen Lake in Castleton, Vermont, a lake that already produced Vermont's state record pike in 1977, a 30-pound fish.

A number of local people shared pictures on Facebook, apparently thinking it was our local Glen Lake, but it was caught on the water of the same name in western Vermont, just west of Lake Bomoseen. (There are pickerel in Queensbury's Glen Lake, but I'm not aware of any northerns in there.)

Glen Lake in Castleton is a nice little lake, no development on its shores the last time I was out there 15 years or so ago. It's a good perch lake, was stocked with rainbow trout as well, and is obviously home to some massive pike.

-- Don Lehman


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