Today's snow is good news for those who want to be fishing through hardwater sooner rather than later.

Those trillions of little ice crystals that fell onto open water Tuesday will serve to cool down surface water, and with lows around zero forecast later this week, we could see many small to medium-sized lakes in our area button up and start making ice. Predictions for heavy winds may delay that, though.

All it takes at this point is a few cold nights to make a few inches of ice, and some of the diehard anglers will go out on two to three inches. I would never venture nor recommend venturing on ice of that thickness, but many of the guys who have been fishing on ice a lot longer than I have know how and where to get out on early ice safely.

If you head north, you can fish some smaller, shallower Adirondack ponds and lakes already.'s message board had a thread that started over the weekend about early ice fishing on Lake Durant in Hamilton County.

The farther north you go, the better chance you have of finding ice. In our region, Trout Lake, Loon Lake, Garnet Lake and Cossayuna Lake are some of the lakes that typically freeze earlier. Lake George, if we are lucky, typically ices over in late January.

-- Don Lehman