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Three-antlered deer

West End Deer Processing in Cambridge took in this three-antlered deer over the weekend.

Our friends over at West End Deer Processing in Cambridge had a strange deer come in to be butchered over the weekend. The buck had three sets of antlers protruding from a skull, two of them nice full horns from a solid 6- or 7-pointer.

In front of one of the antlers, though, is a small start of a third horn. They are clearly three separate beams.

If you check around the Internet, you will find some tales of similar deer. I haven't heard of one locally before, and it appears they are rare but not unprecedented.

Three racks or two, that was a nice buck, and with the colder weather, snow on the ground in places and rut starting to pick up, the prime days of the season are here.

-- Don Lehman

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