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Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

Kickstarter alerted users to the #OneMoreVote campaign on its website on Tuesday.

#OneMoreVote net neutrality protests spread across the Internet and country on Tuesday in an effort to reverse the order and introduce the Congressional Review Act.

A day of action was proposed on Tuesday and has been trending on Twitter throughout the day.

The day of action was organized by Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Free Press Action Fund, the groups behind and many of the largest online protests in history, a news release states.

According to the nonprofit's website, Fight for the Future mission statement is as follows: The mission is to ensure that the web continues to hold freedom of expression and creativity at its core. We seek to expand the internet's transformative power for good, to preserve and enhance its capacity to enrich and empower. We envision a world where everyone can access the internet affordably, free of interference or censorship and with full privacy.

Major websites such as Reddit, Etsy, Kickstarter, Medium, Tumblr, and Pornhub have been in the forefront by sending emails and calling to Congress. Crowds also gathered outside eight key Senate offices across the nation, according to a news release.

Sen. Ed Markey of Mass. and Rep. Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania announced they introduced the Congressional Review Act resolutions in both the Senate and the House. The CRA in the House now has more than 150 co-sponsors.

Fight for the Future gave an afternoon update and commented on the act introduced in the Senate and the House.

"This Congressional Review Act resolution will be a simple up or down vote on net neutrality. Failing to vote for the resolution in the Senate, or failing to support a discharge petition in the House, will be seen as a vote against the free and open Internet. And we will make sure that your constituents know how you voted.

Every single US lawmaker has a decision to make. Will you listen to the overwhelming majority of voters from across the political spectrum, including 3 out of 4 Republicans? Or will you ignore them, and side with a handful of the most unpopular corporations in America?

The Internet has changed the rules for what is and isn’t possible here in Washington, DC. This isn’t about how fast our videos load, it’s about defending the most important tool we have to hold powerful people and institutions accountable. It’s about the future of free speech. It’s about the future of our democracy.

We understand that the Internet has given all of us a new type of power that we never had before. We are going to fight to defend that power, and we are going to win."


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