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Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

It seems no matter what President Trump and his team of Republicans pass on the federal level Gov. Andrew Cuomo and State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman counter with a lawsuit and/or state policy.

The latest was done Wednesday as Gov. Cuomo signed an executive order to override the FCC's plan to reverse net neutrality, but does little to protect consumers.

The state's government is directed through this executive order not to enter into any contracts for internet service unless the ISPs agree to follow net neutrality principles.

"The FCC's dangerous ruling goes against the core values of our democracy, and New York will do everything in our power to protect net neutrality and the free exchange of ideas," Gov. Cuomo said. "With this executive order, we reaffirm our commitment to freedom and democracy and help ensure that the internet remains free and open to all."

Gov. Cuomo is asking New Yorkers in support of the executive order and reinstating net neutrality to sign a petition on the governor's website

Also on Wednesday, Schneiderman gave an update on the fake comments made during the FCC comment period that used identities of New Yorkers.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office agreed to investigate potential fraud and the misuse of American identities during the federal rulemaking process, Schneiderman stated.

"My office will continue our investigation into this potential impersonation – which is a crime under New York law. The FCC’s decision to move ahead with its vote last month – despite widespread evidence of corruption – made a mockery of our public comment process and rewarded those who perpetrated fraud in order to advance their own agenda.

New Yorkers, and all Americans, deserve to know what happened, who was behind it, and how the federal government will prevent it from happening again.”

If you are still curious how net neutrality works Burger King explains it using its signature sandwich the Whopper and MBPS or Making Burgers Per Second.

The video has lit up the trending now block since its release on Wednesday and takes a jab at FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his oversized Reese's Peanut Butter Cup coffee mug.


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