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With Primary Elections on Tuesday night I trended my work shift later so I took in some daytime television to relax before a busy night.

I watched Who Wants to be a Millionaire after the news, a show I haven't tuned in to since Regis was the host many years ago.

The reason I was so intrigued was because Audrey Watkins-Fox of Schenectady was making a run at a million.

The standardized test scorer and aspiring celloist started her second episode seven questions away with $20,000 in the bank and two lifelines, which is quite impressive for how far along she was.

Watkins-Fox has been in the game show spotlight before appearing on and winning "Jeopardy" in 2015, according to a news article.

Her first question of the episode she carefully crafted her answer through a lengthy process of elimination. 

The question read as follows: During which of the following time periods were there three back-to-back presidents who went by first names that all started with the same letter?

A. 1829-1845

B. 1881-1893

C. 1909-1923

D. 1929-1945

Give up?

The answer is C for Warren G. Taft, Warren G. Harding and Woodrow Wilson.

Her next question worth $50,000 tested knowledge of pop culture.

Tracey Lauren Marrow is better known to most people by what name?

A. Tyra Banks

B. Mark Harmon

C. Viola Davis

D. Ice-T

Watkins-Fox polled the audience to be certain and there must have been some Law & Order fans in the building because 62 percent came back with Ice-T. 

The correct answer locked her in to at least winning $50,000.

With one lifeline remaining she moved on to the $100,000 question which read:

Now considered one of the greatest novels ever written, what book only sold about 3,500 copies during the author's lifetime?

A. "War and Peace"

B. "The Grapes of Wrath"

C. "Moby-Dick"

D. "Great Gatsby"

Watkins-Fox was leaning to one answer and eventually called on her mother for her last lifeline.

Her mother, Mary, went with "Moby-Dick" but Watkins-Fox opted for "Great Gatsby".

The correct answer was C, "Moby-Dick", so the next time you question your mother just remember she knows best.

— Adam Colver

Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages The Post-Star's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and He can be reached at


Online editor/webmaster

Adam Colver is the online editor at The Post-Star. He manages, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

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